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Why Failed

My 2nd Love Story

My 1st love story was a heart break right. Even though it was a heart break I learnt something from it, i knew my restrictions, like being a girl i need to follow some rules. Rules like you shouldn’t propose a guy 1st. So, I kept this in my mind and I entered into my 1st yr Inter college. I studied in Narayana Jr college and I was sent to IIT batch, where you will be trained to crack the JEE to enter into an IIT college. I didn’t know the difference between AIEEE, IIT and EAMCET. I just went and studied.

I made friends, I had a gang named AMIGOS, Names are important over here. The gang members were, Me, Richa, Padmini priyanka, Harshitha, Amrutha, Saran, Saketh, Sampath and Raghavan. Amrutha liked me a lot. She alwasy used to sit beside me and i didn’t like het at all, but had to bare her.

Well lets begin my story, 3 months passed very quickly, I had fun with my gang mates, Bharath my second love  joined the college after 3 months, he came from Narayana hostel which he didn’t like so got shifted into our college.Let me describe him, He was soooo tall 6.2″ the most important feature in his face was his smile. My god his smile was damn cute. Without my consciousness I used to stare him (that’s very awkward). I wanted him to see me, and my wish came true during the study hour. I was sitting in the 1st bench and he was sitting in the second bench in the adjacent row. I just turned to see him, he saw me, we met our eyes for the 1st time, I just passed a chit by writing my name on it. He just smiled and said “Hi”. He was actually Sophia’s school mate, so the next day she introduced all our gang members to him.Since, I started having some wired feelings on him I took care of my looks. For a few days it was like a Staring game, we both used to see each other and smile. I liked this feeling a lot. We never talked to each other directly, don’t know why. Suddenly one day he gave a compliment to Amrutha saying that she is beautiful when she left her hair free and her dress is good and all. He didn’t tell it directly he told it to Sophia to convey his message to Amrutha, I felt very bad, I stopped seeing him, I started teasing Amrutha, I didn’t like this, I started crying also (How silly). Then Sophia took me aside and she told me that Bharath mistook me as Amrutha and all those comments and compliments were actually given to me.

love story

As soon as I heard this I felt like jumping around with joy. This continued for 1 more month. Then I wanted him to like me more so I dressed up like the way he liked it. This really worked, Evening I was in a bakery, he called me aside and without even thinking anything he just bent forward and told me “I love you”. I was shocked. I was not sure of the words which I heard, He again told me that he loves me, I was blank faced, this was the 1st time someone had proposed me in real. I never knew that one day someone would propose me like this. I heart started to beat fast. Suddenly i started to blush, I couldn’t believe my ears. He told me that “Ill wait for your response you can tell me tomorrow”. I went home with a lot of relief in my heart. I was the most happiest person in this world I thanked god for listening to me and my prayers. The next day we actually had our week test. I wrote a love letter. and I gave him. He was also very Happy in receiving my acceptance letter. He wrote a very big letter, His bio data and then i wrote mine. Our conversations were through small chits. Instead of listening to the class I was busy in responding to his chits. Each and every person in the class knew about our love story, they started teasing us. It was an awesome feeling.

This was going on well, but suddenly Nimisha, one of our class mates entered into our lives. she started to chat with him on phone, she already had a boyfriend but I don’t know what happened she started to chat with him. She started destroying my happiness. 4 months after our relation he broke up with me saying that he had some health problem, he had to undergo some brain surgery, and he had 50-50 chances to live. I felt bad, I didn’t want to believe him, he gave this letter through Nimisha. My heart broke, I stopped seeing him, I stopped following him to his bus stop. I had a strong feeling that he would come back to me. and after 3 months of our break up he again proposed me. I again felt happy, he told me that he didn’t like the feeling of staying far from me. Many of his friends told me that he was lying to me, He proposed Nimisha and he was just playing games with me, I didn’t like to believe that. I just wanted him and he was with me now. Again something bad happened, Nimisha blamed me for spreading a rumor about her to the boys, I didn’t do any thing but she was not in a mood to listen, she made me bad in front of everyone. I dont feel bad for this because I didn’t do anything but I felt bad because instead of listening to me, he believed Nimisha and again stopped talking to me.

I got fed up, I couldn’t concentrate on my exams , I flunked up one subject. His % got reduced he got 89% he expected 95%. He blamed me for this. When he came to know about my backlog he just left me. He didn’t expect such a kind of % from me. He thought that I would study well. for the 1st time in my life I failed in an exam. I cried a lot. I thought that he would support me and help me study.  I took this as a challenge, I got shifted from IIT batch to IC AIeee batch. this class had only girls. I studied a lot. for 1 year I didn’t talk to him, but couldn’t stay without seeing him. I lost all my friends but I wanted to see him so I used to go to my old class to just see him. Then our anniversary had arrived. i.e sept 16th. 1 year of relation , I dont know what kind of relation it was. He sent roses and letter to my class. I was happy that he remembered this date. After a long time we again spoke to each other. This time it was not love proposal, but friendship proposal. I didn’t feel bad at all. I thought that atleast he liked to have some or the other relation with me. Again on my birthday he told me that he didn’t like to continue our friendship also. He told that he was unable to concentrate on studies, for the 1st time I asked him why he was playing with my feelings. He had no answer, He just left me and went away. I got fed up with his behavior. I just concentrated on my exams and this time I got 93%. this was a good thing for me. I did well in my eamcet but I got seat in some stupid college. This was also a lesson for me. When I entered into my Btech, he again contacted me. He again proposed me, but I rejected him, this time I felt that he really wanted me in his life and told me that he will never leave me. It was all good. He joined some long term coaching and got into NIT warangal.

Everything again changed. He started to flirt with one more girl whose name also was Sneha. I knew this when I opened his FB account and saw all these messages. I asked him about that. He just told me that I would never understand him. I broke up with him. Even though I didn’t like to break up I just went away from him. Suddenly I got a news from his friends that He got admitted in a hospital. Without thinking anything I rushed to the hospital. His parents were crying. I went into the ICU to see him. I controlled my tears and asked why he did this. He was unable to talk. He told me something, It sounded like “I love u” but I was not sure, they called me outside, so had to leave him. Felt like hugging him and I wanted to cry my heart out. I didn’t get that chance. He got discharged from the hospital, actually his friend blamed me for his condition. He told that since I broke up with him he had committed suicide. I didn’t know what the actual reason was. I just didn’t want to contact him again. Then exactly after a year I heard that he died. I couldn’t believe that. I cried a lot. losing someone you love is the most dangerous situation anyone can face. It was always break up patch up break up relation. Its difficult to forget him.

This story gave me many life lessons. Well this is my second story  and my 1st real love story 🙂 .

Sneha G

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