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Why Failed

Its a journey, not a failure

Why I Failed as an entrepreneur?

Let me cut to the chase and get straight to the point : Even I don’t know why I’ve failed! and I wont accept that I’ve failed. May be this is one of the reasons why I failed. My ego never lets me accept the word failure. There are many who find themselves in my shoes and who can exactly relate themselves to my situation. Even now, in not completely accepting my failure, I’ve pitched my idea “Why Failed” to continue my journey to success from here. yes! I’m an entrepreneur

From my experiences in entrepreneurship I’ll try to showcase the lessons I’ve learned.

My Dreams

Then from 2013 I wanted to start something, not knowing even what to start and where to start from, but I dream of many. When I see company CEO’s, I also felt like at some point of time I’ll be like that. I dream in during the early hours of the day only, especially in bathroom. That’s the place I think about myself and talk to myself. Everyday I choose one dream, talk to myself in the bathroom. My dreams are like, if I have a company with 400 people, then how can I deliver my speech to them, how can I motivate them, how can I make them happy and convey them the information that can help them.

I pertain to think someone else’s startup as my startup and how I can take it ahead. In spite of making trials, none of them came true. Its just a dream. I worked hard, but I’ve actually never worked the way I dream it to come true.

About Me

amarnathI’m B.Tech 2013 graduate, in computer science from DMSSVH college of engineering at my hometown. When I’m in I went to other colleges for paper presentations and project presentations, got rewarded for various events. I’ve always been rewarded either 1st or 2nd positions for the projects during the Annual Fest Programs and Corporate Technical Events. I’m a good Classical Dancer, I always secured prize for my dance too, for me being the only Boy among the various classical curricular activities. I always find my friends, mentors and collegemates complimenting me for my success.

This makes me elated and cuddles me to feel as a Monarch of college. Everyone treats me the same way. So, when it comes to the point, how people knew me for the first time, I would say, in my B.Tech 1st year, I’ve developed a line follower robot with help of my friend. We won first prize. That is the moment when everyone knew who ‘Amarnath’ is!! I was confused if I’m fell for love or was Infactuated. Somehow, I lost in a subject.


Teach roboticsOnce my school principal called me for a visit after he has seen my article in the newspaper. He asked me if I can train the students of 8th , 9th classes for robotics, for the upcoming science fair event. So, this continued for two months. I developed different kinds of robots, securing the top position for my school students. Everyone recognized our school, known as ‘Robotics Specialist School’. People were perplexed about my Electronics training, being a Computer Science student.Again, I lost one more subject in my second year too. Then, time called us for a break-up. I got an aversion, always wanting to do something. Again, I was called by my principal to train the students in robotics, but this time my interest was to train students in the HTML course in 2012, that I’ve learnt after my 10th class. I love the front-end part.


html book releaseAs there was no HTML subject until my B.Tech 3-1, I approached each school,asking the correspondents to train students about HTML for 100 Inr for a month. Except my school and other school, no one else accepted to take up the training. My perception was to train students about HTML, but then, I didn’t knew “Why would they choose me?”, “I don’t have a degree”, “I am not a geek”, I was just pursuing B.Tech by then, that’s all, nothing more than anything! I looked like a young guy of 19.

As an Author

front cover pageThen I thought to myself “Why can’t I Write a book on HTML? Yeah, this is the killer idea. I want to write a book, not to sell outside or make rich with that. Just I want tell the schools that I’m an author”. On my birthday I wanted to launch the book without informing my parents. By then, I think,only 20-25 days were left for my birthday to come. That’s  when I learnt how to use pagemaker and make use of photoshop and started working on them. I prepared the complete content ready-book, and also the cover page was ready. Didn’t knew that I needed to make the output as screenshot and put on the book. Used to make each and every page output to draw by pagemaker with rectangle lines and boxes. So It took me a lot of time.

Before 5 days of my birthday, I traveled to Vijayawada, asking the publishers to print my book with around 150 INR in my pocket. It was in the month of May, with the scorching sun. Yet, I walked down to Eluru road in vijayawada(Best known place for printing). It’s the den of publishers and printing presses only. I went to each shop and asked “I wrote a book on HTML, can you please check it and print!” Finding the Xerox of my book and everyone handed over the book back to me saying “Sorry!”. Few people asked me “Who are You?”. I replied “I’m a student”. They responded, “OK Thank you!!”  Vex of moving! Unshaven jaw, I gazed myself of hunger. I bought 1 liter kinley bottle and sat beneath the street light socket.

Returned home, with discouragement. Thought I will publish my own. That was my foolishness, I know. Before 2 days of my birthday, my parents knew this. So, they made arrangements. It’s on my birthday morning, I wrote the supplementary exam and the evening book launched in a big place of my town with support of my parents. Then I continued my 3rd and 4th years. Then at that time another girl came into picture. She is loving me from 1st year, but didn’t say. At 4-1 sem, she said “I Love You”. Hmm… Even I liked her, I replied “SORRY”. That is not my goal. I have to do so many things in my life. She cried a lot, I can understand her, but the situation is different. she hurted by me so many times with my words. Later on she left.

Graduated in 2013, I got placed in a Noida based company, which later turned out to be a fake company. I came to my cha-cha’s home in Hyderabad. I learnt lot from them.
Whenever I went anywhere, everyone asked me of “What are you doing? What are you doing?”, I called myself to keep quiet, saying nothing. Everyone advised absolutely for free of cost, “send your resume to me, I will check and let you know soon”. I sent nearly 100+ resumes to different people. No response. One day a company CEO came to cha-cha’s home, My Cha-cha introduced to them, saying, he is seeking job. CEO asked me to visit his office. I went to their office in S.R.Nagar. They asked me you know Oracle? Do you have the certification? You know advanced SQL?”, giving no pause. I replied, “I don’t need a job, just need your suggestion”. Then I came home.

Later 1 month they came back to my cha-cha’s home and told, “We’re looking for website developers. I have some knowledge, so I went to office for 10 days and accomplished the website development successfully. I, then, joined the Internship on JAVA in a small company at Madhapur. Daily I travelled from Ghatkesar to Madhapur. I spent my travel time reading books.

After 6 months of internship, I disliked java for some unknown reason. I attempted Deloitte interview and failed, due to lack of English. Then, I took up the opportunity to take up a project on Salesforce. I learnt little bit of Hadoop. Then I got into digital marketing. Meanwhile, I’ve started so many projects. For fee reimbursement, I did a project, which failed due to govt issue. Then, I’ve started a jewellery kart, with a functionality as you need to upload your accessory’s photo and put the jewelry to you and check whether it is suitable or not. I did it using the HTML5 drag and drop feature. Later on, I came to know that Facebook’s photo tagging also works with the same concept. That type of thing will cost you millions, so I left it.

Life at 2014

Mera Grocery shopLater in 2014, I’ve started a small website for digital marketers as “DIGITAL SADHANA.IN” continued for some time, then got a new thought on online groceries. Started up with “MERA GROCERY” as an internal project with a similar kind of project as what Big-Basket is doing, even before Big-Basket got launched. I’ve completed whole site and thinking to go to market. I faced the common hurdles as, lack of financial investments, unaware of how and where to start the things off.  Approached many of my peers, asking everyone how things work, seeking their opinion if they would be willing to buy if I did this way. Hearing neutral answers. One of my friends referred me to a vacancy in his company at Bangalore, which I up took for my family. So I joined as a PPC Analyst, worked there for 3 months.

promote-events-logoAgain, me and my colleague started “PROMOTE EVENTS” on Feb 7th 2015, the idea behind this start up was to automatically include every event in and around the city, through our website using the cloud technology. Our idea was to gather information from the existing websites and put them up in our site, diverting people to their respective websites. Our company shifted me to Indore. A new place, working fine, but I missed my regular meals of rice. I love rice above chapattis. I ought little work pressure, unable to concentrate on things I do.

Re-started the development of site but it didn’t work as expected. Co-founder plays an important role. While choosing the cofounder you need to take care, what is his background, is he able to handle situations? Is he committed? These questions you need to ask before choosing. Later on we were not working on things, the next year it was site’s renewal period. But he contributed neither for renewal nor towards work. I didn’t have money to renew the site. So, we called it for a halt. No more interest of doing job. I worked till 4th September 2015. Then I resigned my job. I returned to Hyderabad. I got calls from Accenture and top MNC’s, but I was not interested to join.

Entrepreneur Life:

My friends are going to start a new venture “PICK MY GAADI”. The concept is, we pick your bike from your desired location and get your bike serviced at the nearest authorized service station then get it back safe to you by evening. So, I joined them. At this point of time, I didn’t know what equity, share, percentage or anything as such. I learnt these things. Actual entrepreneurship started from here only, I felt. Designing the logo, website, app and everything urged me to feel the satisfaction. I sensed the positive vibes.

Day by day like as the sun rises, we start our work and max of time we discuss the things and how other start-ups are working. We took up every start-up story and analysed them. Went to Authorized service stations, of which many of them didn’t accept us. Only five stations accepted us and we do provided our services only at those centers. Getting orders slowly, a good number of vehicles per day, the call of action actually turned in the fortune of our efforts.

But as the time passed by, on this concept we came to know that this won’t work for longer period. So, we have discovered many emerging competitors who came up with the same concept. But we’re just checking them, not considering that they will occupy our seats. Because we now know how the market is. They came recently and after 6 months most of them shutdown or turn down. We’re still continuing our services. We are not doing any marketing but whatever orders we get, we do. Frankly speaking we wasted first 6 months of time. I don’t know that I wasted. But yes, Wasted even though I learn something.

At this time we get so many new ideas. The thing is if you’re working on a single thing, then you won’t think beyond your idea. You think about your idea in deep and try to execute. We were checking and ideating everything that strike our mind, and then drop. Either that type of venture is existed or there is no market for that or that idea will not generate any revenue.

chaiThe greatest achievement is I never borrowed money from anyone in my whole entrepreneur life. I survived by making websites. If I have 10/- in my pocket, I drink 1 tea and 2 biscuits. But every month at least 1 website is there. Through that I earn some money for my sustain.
It’s been an year in my entrepreneurial journey.

Parents are asking me to take up a Job. They’re right from their perspective. If you have a job, you will get money on monthly basis, you’re secured financially. You can save some money, then it’s easy to save for marriage and future needs also. But…

In My Experience:

 Lack of money,
 Lack of proper team,
 Without the analysis, starting off your product into the market directly,
 No proper planning,
 Not executing the plan as before you planned,
 Dragging the things which you know that it won't work,
 Deviating to other things,
 Without checking the MVP product and launch

I believe that these things makes to the failure

If anyone accepts their failure, then it is one of the biggest achievement.

If you ask anyone about your idea, everyone will tell you, “it’s a great idea”. But when it comes into the existence, no one will participate or purchase your product. They just show you empathy else compliment you in the fake terms of the words like “WOWWWWWW“…

Still I have so many thoughts to write articles, there is no ending for this. But for now, I’m just stopping. At the same way failure is also not the ending, keep on trying it. I just paused my story, but will create some buzz in the world at some point of time.



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